Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Day Out Bag really works!

Greetings to all our furry pals here and around the globe! Wai-Pai here and I just want to say that it seems like the Day Out Bag is indeed magical!

I hopped into it the other day and now, Piappies Mom tells me that... Forgie and I will be having a Day Out on Saturday and it's a special one for we will be joining our 1st doggie run!

Isn't it just pawesome! We also found out that our friend Maxie also signed up.


You see, I had a playdate with him with my brother Wai-Max last year and I'm really excited to see him again and introduce Forgie this time. Read about Maxie's post about our fun day together here.

So here I am with Forgie as we were discussing our battle plan for the Doggie Run. You see, Forgie does not exactly enjoy walking in public. That's right, walking! So we fear that there might be a problem with the running part.

Forgie: "Wai-Pai, you think we will have pretty outfits when we do the Doggie Run?"
Wai-Pai: "Forgie, we are joining a Doggie Run not Project Runway! You got to practice your running skills!"

Forgie: "Alright, I'm learning from a Pro, you do run fast, right?"
Wai-Pai: "Hmmm... yeah, I guess. Let me show you the first thing I do when training for a run..."

Wai-Pai: zzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzz....zzzzzz

Forgie: "Alright! I've mastered that!" zzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzz....

Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & Wai-Max: "Ok guys, so how do we get to fit in that magical Day Out Bag. We can surely run faster than those two lil piappies! hmmm..."

Would you guys have some tips for us for the Doggie Run? We need some crash course training here. Oh, we forgot to tell you the most crucial info, we are joining the 1.5k category. Piappies Mom is assuring us that we can just take it easy and enjoy the event. We are dedicating this run to a very special pal. You will always be in our thoughts! =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Forgie's Day Out Bag

Hello to all our furry friends around the world! It's me, Forgie, taking charge of our blog to tell you about my Day Out!

I was brought to the Dr. Vet to complete my vaccinations and since I was such a well-behaved and brave piappie, I was rewarded by Piappies Mom and Piappies Mama (grandma) with a day in the mall!

Ok so my Dr Vet photo is a bit (!) blurred, believe me, I was behaved, maybe it was just the flashy box that kept moving!

I got a really cool pup bag (my Day Out Bag) so I could stay comfortably inside the stores. Coolness, huh?

Here I am in a shoe store --- I was wondering why there were only a pair for shoes in these places when I got 4 paws! Hmmm... they were also for really big paws!

I was also able to stay on the cashier counter for this really great store! See, I told you I'm well-behaved. I was also happy that I was able to take my very own Mr. Bear during the day-out. It's attached to my collar so I could easily play with it anytime!

After that, I was brought to the statues that my sibs Wai-Pai and Wai-Max were brought to when they were as young as I am. You can see the Wai-Pups photos here and here please.

Silent Companion

Waaaah... oops! Where's my head?!!!

Best Friends

Piappies Mom says there is another statue that you can find in another mall and I'm really hoping to go there really soon and have my photo taken there too. (Yay!)

It sure was a fun but tiring day so it was not long after we got home that I zzzzzzzed away.

Little did I know that Wai-Pai was just waiting for the perfect chance and...

She hopped inside the bag!

Perhaps she thought that if she could get into the bag, she would be transported to the mall and have a Day-Out too! Silly Wai-Pai, but hey, perhaps that day-out bag IS magical and can take me anywhere! Or maybe I'm just dreaming... zzzzz....

- Forgie

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wai-Pups Celebrate their First Barkday!

We're back and you read it right, we got a back to back celebration here as we, Wai-Pai and Wai-Max (also known together as Wai-Pups) celebrate our first barkday today!!!

Happy 1st Barkday - Wai-Pai and Wai-Max!!!!

Just a year ago, this is how we looked... Wai-Pai & Wai-Max with Mommy Princess

And now...



Piappies Mom surprised us some yummy cake treats this afternoon -- instant Barkday Pawty she says:

This is our photo with our cake... Uh...ok you got to be believe the came treats were in front of us, the flashy box did not quite get the cake treats in the snap shot!

We've had lots of fun times and we are happy to have shared them with you. We look forward to many more barkdays to share with each and everyone. We also got lots of flashy box moments with the rest of our pack. We will share them within the week.

And now, here's Forgie to say something really important:

We have our paws crossed for all who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan. We pray for the world that no bad incidents to occur anymore.


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