Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scrappy & Bullet Home Sweet Home

Bullet & Scrappy

Scrappy: "Hey, Bullet, did you hear the news that we're going home? You think we'll have lots of treats there, too?"

Bullet: "Worry not Scrappy, I think it's going to be very much the same as here. Besides, we are NOT moving homes, we just have TWO homes now. Weeeeeee"

Hello and happy Sunday to our furry friends! You probably are wondering where we were in Mommy's previous post last week.

Yup, Bullet and I are now living with our hooman pawrents. This does not mean that we will be leaving Piappies World for good, we just would not be here as often. Our hooman mom promised to give photos and share our adventures here with Aunt Piappies mom so we can post our adventures here still. We're talking our mom to allowing us to give you a tour of our new home.

We are also not sad about the news, as Bullet (who usually is the silly one) said, we now have TWO homes. I think that means we can get two sets of plushies, stuffies, squeaky toys and rewards treats! We do miss playtime with the other piappies but we'll make it up when we come over for visits. Do keep me and Bullet in your thoughts when you stop by here, alright?

Hope you are all having a great weekend there!

-Scrappy & Bullet

ps: Bullet here, do check out a photo video our hooman uncle made for me! Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Playtime

Hey there furry friends, Fudgie here. Mama gave me a new squeaky toy and what better way to spend the weekend than fun, active, playtime! Weeeee!

Mommy likes making me the keeper of the toys since I take care of them and share them with the piappies. (Well alright, with the toys I like!)

I was so excited to find my playmates! I went to Princess...

Princess: "Fudgie, naptime is fun time for me. Go bother the lil piappies."

Frappie: "Uhh... Dad! Yeah surrrrzzzzz...zzzzz...."

Mocha: "I'm not sleeping, Dad. I'm just making sure Princess Mom's basket is safe. - zzzzzz"

Sugar: "Let's play Dad... *%#^*@ zzzzzzz... yumz treatz....bonezzzzz....zoomiezzzz...zzzzzz.."

Waaaaah! I spent the day waiting for these piappies to get out of roll roll mode and do some fun exercises but I fell into their spell instead!

Before any of them stood up, I fell asleep. I did enjoy jumping around, chasing the squeaky toy and playing with the piappies in dreamland! Mommy woke me up after my nap and we played catch with the squeaky toys. Weeeeeee

How did you spend your weekend, furry friends? Whether you spent it playing, napping, enjoying zoomies and walks or helping out with chores, hope you had a great time with the ones you love.

By the way, Mommy wants to say sorry for not being able to post often for the past weeks. She has pledged to give us more time to post updates, visit your blogs, and read to us your wonderful blog posts and stay in touch with you more. Thankies!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Prayer from the Piappies


Hi to our fellow piappies, kitties and all furry friends, Bullet here. We know that we need to catch up with our blog updates and blog visits to pawesome friends like you but Mommy has been really busy. For this we are really sorry.

However, though it is the time of the week for some wordless post, we decided to have a prayer post for today as we send good vibes and cross our paws for Mack. He is not feeling too well. We hope you would take the time to visit Mack and Sally Ann for more positive thoughts and let's say a prayer for his meds to work and that he would feel better really soon. Hang in there, alright?


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