Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lil Piappies of Princess Sleeping Moments

Kisses and Sneakers can sleep more than 15 hours a day when they were a few weeks old!

Hello every pup and kitty! Sleeping is definitely one of the best Piappies moments and we want to share with you some of their interesting photos. Ready for more lil Piappies?! Here goes...

Hershey has mastered the art of sleeping and smiling! Such a multi-tasker. BOL

KitKat BearBear in Sleeping Zen pose as Kisses tries to nap away, too!

Sneakers zzzzing time with paw up!

Kisses sleeping time

Looks like Sneakers is having an action-packed dream! Waaaah

The fluffy Piappies taking a nap. Sweetness!

Heaven! Lil Piappies all zzzzzing away! Yay! Now, Piappies Mom got a chance to nap away too.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Paws up from the Piappies!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter to Every Pup, Kitty and Furry Pal!

The Piappies would like to greet you all HAPPY EASTER! Princess have been blessed with another set of litter lil Piappies! And we got one of them to do our Easter greeting! Yay!


We are all enjoying their company as we prepare them to join their furever homes really soon. We hope that you are all doing well. We would love to update more often but Piappies Mom has been so tied up with so much w-o-r-k these past months.

Meet the rest of the litter:

We got 3 girls and boy!

I'm a boy but why am I wearing pink?!

I'm the girl but where's my dress?!

I'm girl #2! Don't you think I look like Princess Mom?

Can you see me?! I'm a girl too and I like to play hide and seek! Come play with me please?

You are all in your thoughts and we try to drop by your blogs as often as we could. We'll be back soon as possible.

Paws up from the Piappies!


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