Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween to all our furry friends and human pawrents! Wishing you all lots of fun and T-R-E-A-T-S!!! Weeeeeeee

That photo was taken during last year's Halloween photo shoot with Mommy. This year, she says she will try to dress up all 7 of us. Well, let's see if she could possibly make all of us cooperate. Hihihi

Tricks and lots of Treats!!!

- Scrappy & Bullet

PS: Worry not, guys, Mocha has agreed to make way for this post since Mommy promised she would dress up for Halloween. Guess we know for sure she's looking forward to Trick or Treat pictorial. Martha and Bailey, looks like Mocha will not enlist in your fight against the flashy beast...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anna's Spectacular-Tongue-tacular Contest

Hi there furry friends! Hush... hush... let's not wake up Mocha. Anna the GSD is having the Spectacular Tongue-tacular Contest and. All you do is post the logo on your blog, add your entries and link it back to Anna's blog. You only have until 30 Oct to submit your entries.
Let's go lets go! Weeeeeeeeee

Do click the logo for more contest details


- Bullet

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday... Almost

You guessed it, I'm Mocha.
Mommy...please tell me this is not your post about me yet, right? Mommy? Mommy?
Frappie had more photos and his post had lots of words...

Alright, I'll be more patient but please post about me soon. I'm excited to share with our furry friends my lil piappies photos and I'm growing up so fast.

By the way, check out the moving pictures on our side bar, that's me sharing with you my most favorite hobby in the world! Zzzzzzz away! weeeeee....hmmm...zzzzzzz...zzzz

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Piappies and Bears

Happy Sunday to everyone! It's me, Princess! We are posting photos with bears today for our friends Mack and Sally Ann of Big Bubba Blogger and Bothersome Baby Blogger . In celebration of Sally Ann's birthday, she's hosting a contest! It's fun and so we are submitting these photos. Do click here to learn more...

Shortly after I arrived here last year, Mommy found Mr Teddy and he became my very first friend. At first I thought there was something a bit odd about Mr Teddy. He never barked at me, he only stared at me all day long and he was missing a leg! (I promise,I didn't have anything to do with that). Mr Teddy kept me company until Fudgie and Peanut came along.

Naptime with Mr Teddy. Don't you think we both look like we're missing a leg in this photo? Waaaah

Oh no! What was I thinking in this photo? Was I trying to bite Mr Teddy's ear off?! Please try to understand, I was a lil pup. Let's just think that I was just playing with him, ok?

Now, before we go to Fudgie's photos, allow me to show you photos of Peanut. Peanut was Fudgie's brother. When I met him, I thought he was just a shy pup, unfortunately when Mommy took them to the V-E-T for their check-up, we found out that he was not well. Mommy and Fudgie stayed by his side until he left for puppy heaven a week later. He was a very sweet pup and he really brought us a lot of love and smiles.

Mommy gave these bears as welcome gifts! Peanut got Ms Pink Bear

And Fudgie got his own Mr Blue Bear

Here's Fudgie keeping Peanut and Ms Pink company, it was too crowded to have Mr Blue so he had to stay out of the basket.

Fudgie didn't like to see Mr Blue and Ms Pink when Peanut was gone so Mommy got him Winnie the Pooh, his bedtime buddy!
What was your favorite bedtime buddy when you were a lil pup?
If you happen to have a bear friend, do drop by Mack and Sally Ann's blog and join. Happy Birthday Sally Ann!

Enjoy the weekend!

PS: Mocha here, Mommy promised me I get to do the next post, right Mommy?!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hello fellow furry friends! Frappie here. Mommy has just been really busy these past weeks but we have been trying our best to catch up with reading blog posts and she promised to feature Mocha really soon. Do stay tuned.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dory's Smiley Fest 2009

Hello furry friendships! Our friend Dory of Dory's Backyard is celebrating her 100th post via the Smiley Fest! We would not miss a fun activity like this. So much wonderful photo entries from some friends who have joined ahead of us. Do check out her blog for more info.

We huddled around and Mommy went through some of our photos and chose the father and son team of Fudgie and Frappie to send as photo entries. Hope that our photo entries somehow bring a smile on your day.

This is me, Fudgie and I was happy in the photo because Mommy gave me a bath and made me sit on my favorite chair once again. I really felt special and loved that day and everyday.
Hey dad! Is it me now?! Oh yeah, I'm Frappie. I was happy because I spotted Mr. Lobster resting beside me and my siblings Mocha and Sugar are nowhere in sight. I got Mr. Lobster all to myself! Weeeeee
Smileys is really a great theme. Mommy never fails to give us hugs and kisses (and of course treats!) whenever we flash our smiles. Weeeeeeeee

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Frappie's Thoughts about the Piappies

Hi there, I'm Frappie. This is my secret place. Mommy constantly tells me to stay away from the bushes but I guess, I'm just as much as a nature lover as my mom Princess. Growing up with my sibs Mocha and Sugar can be a challenge especially when it comes to wanting some peace and quiet. You can say that I'm the most relaxed of the pack. I enjoy roll rolling and sleeping while the two are the more active ones.

One day, I was enjoying some roll rolling on top of these cool blocks when...Sugar found me and got me to play with him...

Dad Fudgie also loves to play with me whenever I get near him. It's fun especially when he gives me some belly rub.

I guess I got to admit that I also have loads of fun in our world. Mocha and Sugar may look more like mom Princess and well, I look more like dad Fudgie but I'm very happy that this world is my forever home!
How do you spend your day with your furry pack?


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