Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waaaah Has It Been a Week Already?! Wordless Wednesday


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Piappies Portrait
Fudgie, Princess, Mocha, Sugar & Frappie

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fudgie and the Lil Piappies

Greetings to all piappies friends! Fudgie here to tell you more about our lil piappies. At first, I felt a bit bad that when Princess had Frappie, Mocha and Sugar, she always stayed in her basket to be with them. There was less playtime for me because Mommy was so busy looking after Princess and the lil ones. It was funny though because it wasn't as they could escape because all they did was sleep...

and sleep
and sleep some more...

even I fell into the zzzzzing spell!

After a few weeks, their eyes opened and they slowly found their way out of the basket and it was playtime! Weeeeeee
Here's a funny video of my playtime with Frappie and Mocha playing while Sugar zzzzzing away. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meet the Rest of the Piappies

It's Princess here. As Fudgie said in the previous post, it's time that we introduce the new piappies in our world. Alright so here's the secret... Last May, I became a mommy to these 3 wonderful pups!

Mommy was so worried when I gave birth but I showed her how brave and strong I can be to bring these little bundles of joy in our world.

The eldest is Frappie...

the second one and the only female is Mocha...
and of course, the youngest and Grandma's fave is Sugar!

The first few weeks were tough since I was not sure what to do with these pups. Suddenly, there was less playtime for me and more "look after the lil piappies" time I even found myself sharing my basket with them. It's a good thing Mommy helped me to take care of them. Soon after they started to be less dependent on me and I get to look after them and get my playtime back. Well, we do play a lot too so the fun continues here in our world.

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Piappies Parade series Fudgie

Woof woof woof! It's me, Fudgie! The Chair series Mommy posted sure gave you an idea of how much I've grown these past months. Ever since I was a pup she would always take me to that chair every after bath time. You see, I enjoy every chance I get to hang out inside the house so I've mastered the art of behaving on MY chair. As you see, I've grown so much this past year that another chair holds my chin already.

This is Mommy's favorite Fudgie photo!

Meet Mr. Green --- that's my favorite squeaky ball. Mr. Green always keeps me company. I enjoy biting it to make funny sounds and jumping around as I play with it. Mommy brings home more balls to add to my collection. Weeeee
I learned this pose from Princess. It's funny though that whenever Princess does this, Mommy's digi doesn't cooperate and fails to snap at the right moment.
That's me in action! I can be charming, you see!
Told ya, Mr. Green is my fave! It's a good thing Mr. Green survives all the nibbles he gets from me.

Stay tuned to our next post as we will be introducing the rest of the piappies in our world.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Piappies Parade series Bullet

Hello there fellow dogs and visiting pets! I'm Fudgie. You know how love being in these series but since you just saw me a couple of posts ago, I'll let Bullet go ahead... but I'll be back real soon...woooof

Hi there, I'm Bullet and most of the time my human family calls me Bubu. I'm usually the shy one but I can be very playful too. Being the younger brother of Scrappy he always tries to get the toys being thrown our way. It is my job not to make things easy for him that is why tug o'war has been our favorite playtime.

Grandma used to dress us up in t-shirts when we were younger and that made Mommy more excited to take our snap shots. She does not get smiles from me all the time though. Sometimes I get embarrassed, you see.

Let me share you a secret, this is my look everytime I want to get some treats. Want to know another secret?...

Most of the time, I get them! Smile!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great News!!! We got an Award...

Before we go to the next Piappies Parade Series, we have some great news...
We ---- Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy and Bullet want to thank Dory for this great "Your a Class act" Award! weeeeeeee Dory has this wonderful blog she shares with brother Bilbo. They are one of our sweetest friends and we invite you to visit Dory's Backyard and say hello!

We also thank the Purple Hatter for the great banner. You may see more of his great work at his site.

And now, it's our turn to pass this award to... Mack and Sally Ann of Big Bubba and Bothersome Baby Blogger, Snoop, Alfie, Rosie and Gabbi of Dughallmor Beagles, Storm and Phantom of The Chronicles of Woos and Stormy, Ammy, Dave and Zim of Army of Four Digest. Do award your great friends and please extend some thanks to the Purple Hatter as well.

Let's all have a great weekend! weeeeeeeee!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Piappies Parade series Scrappy

Alright, it's my turn! Hey everyone, I'm Scrappy! I'm really excited to get a chance to let you know more about me. You see, Bullet and I actually belong to Princess and Fudgie's mommy's sister. Though we do not see our mom as often, we are still loved here and we feel part of the family as much as the rest. That is why, here in Piappies World, their mommy is our mommy too.

I'm probably the one who grew up really quick here. I guess it's because I could not keep my paws away from treats. I also enjoying playing with the toys mommy bring home for us though sometimes I get to rip them apart. That is part of growing up, right?

That's silly me showing you my corner here at the terrace. Mommy bought me a tub to sleep in but I keep pushing it away. I loooove to sleep on the cool floor, you see.
Uh oh... what is that I see, could Bullet be getting treats over there? Hey, mommy, mommy... send treats here please...
Mommy usually takes our photos after bath time. We look good and we feel fresh! Weeeee
Boy, have I grown soooo big in just a year! Great to meet you all and hope to be better friends with more great and adorable puppies!

Piappies Parade series Princess

It's me Princess! Mommy has decided to do a series for each of the 4 of us and I get to go first. Weeeeeee!

You see, she thought of starting this journal when my Grandma took me home early last year but as you see, she only got to do this recently. That is why you guys might be thinking why are these piappies growing so much as each post is published?! Mommy wanted to share our photos and memorable adventures as we grew up.

And here's a surprise I've been trying to keep to myself for quite sometime... Mommy will soon introduce the rest of the piappies in our world! Yup there is more to just the 4 of us! Hope you can stay tuned and meet them. For now, let me show you how I've grown and know more about me.

You might even see a clue in one of these photos as to who is responsible to the additions to our Piappies World. heehee

I looooove to dance and Mommy caught me dancing the hula here
I don't like getting my paws wet so I always have a basket where I love to hang out and rest. I also nibble on the basket sometimes... Sorry for the that...
Now, this was taken during the time I always felt sleepy and moody. Also felt strange that my tummy was getting bigger and bigger... hmmm...


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