Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Sunday Smiles

Hello there furry pals, Sugar and I are sharing today's post. We don't really post much as the other Piappies are more talkative and well, they do cooperate with the flashy box more than us but here we are, we do love to see you when we read your posts so we do pop up here with our posts when we can.

Hope you were able to get lots of roll rolling and zoomies with your hoomans this weekend. 



And now, let's start the week with a smile!!! 

We also would like to greet our friend, Thunder, Happy Happy 7th Barkday! We are excited to see what your 7 pawesome presents are! Yay!


Mocha and Sugar

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fudgie's Sunday Smiles

Hello there furry pals! It's me Fudgie, just want to know what are you guys doing this weekend. You probably know how our hoomans love to see us smile and Piappies Mom is just too excited to share with you my happy smiling photos this afternoon. Let me show you what brings me happiness and smiles...

I've spotted it, Mom!

Let me have it please... Mom? Look at me do the happy dance!

Mom... It's right beside you... Pleeeeeaseeee!

Yay! You're the best Mom! Hello there Mr. Yellow Ball, let's play!!!

You guys got to have this play time, it's really a lot of fun, believe me! How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?!

Have a great time!

Love, Fudgie

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wai-Pups Garden Adventure

Here comes the Wai-Pups ---- Wai-Pai and Wai-Max exploring the mini-garden. Piappies Mama (Piappies Mom's Ma - are we confusing you?!) takes care of all the blooms of our surroundings. At times, we get scolded whenever our lil paws would go over our "keep off" areas. Every time this happens, she sometimes gets confused as to who would get the scolding. 

Earlier today, we were "caught" by Piappies Mom's flashy box as we were taking a stroll by the garden. Don't worry furry pals, we did not do any damage on the blooms. We kept our lil paws in a safe distance.

Maybe next time we can share with you some of the flowers and plants that we enjoy seeing. Piappies Mama sure can talk to the plants and make them healthy. She sure knows gardening. 

Hope that you are all having a good week.

Wai-Max and Wai-Pai


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