Friday, September 24, 2010

Twinkie's Tongue Contest

Our amazing friend Twinkie is hosting and exciting contest - Twinkie's Tongue Contest and we are just too happy to be part of it. Weeeee Here are our entries...

Fudgie & Wai-Pai's Father & Daughter Tongue Photo
Fudgie: "Hey, Wai-Pai, we may not look alike but our tongues sure do!"

Princess Tongue Meter

Frappie's Curling Tongue Trick

Sugar's Tongue
He's always been the shy one...

Mocha's Tongue with Crossed Paws Shot

Wai-Max' Tongue Trick for Treats

Wai-Pai's Soccer-designed Tongue

Do check out all the other fun and cute entries at Twinkie's blog here! This is also to celebrate the National Dog Week! Weeeeee

Happy weekend to all our furry friends!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday




Monday, September 6, 2010

Wai-Pups Doggie Day Out

Hellooooo furry friends! It's Wai-Pai and I'm finally able to tell you about the Doggie Day Out that we mentioned in our last post. Weeeeeee! Ok, so Piappies Mom, hooman Mama and hooman sister brought me and Wai-Max for a ride. I really could not care where we were headed. My only concern was we were going out! I was so thrilled!

First thing I noticed as we were walking was the presence of so many furry friends. I was looking for our friend Maxie but he was not there. Piappies Mom told us that we were there for a day of spa-mpering. What a treat!

Then she told us that more than the freebies and pawpering moments, we were also being registered for the ASPIN Club. ASPIN is a nickname for "Asong Pinoy" which translates to Philippine native dog. The club is open to all native dogs and mixed breeds. The event was organized by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and our registration money will help the animals rescued from cruelty. We all support PAWS!

Here I am, being groomed..."Mister... that tickles!"

It's Wai-Max' turn! He was not so thrilled with pawdicure and was Grrrring... Silly brother!

We got to meet very nice and friendly new furry pals, had some yummy treats, and even got a very relaxing massage!

Can you see the happy smiles we got?! And there's more...

We found another Piappies-related statue! Remember the "Bestfriends" statue we first one found here. This time it is called the "Silent Companion".

We really enjoy Piappies Day Outs especially since it is usually me and Wai-Max that get to go. For those who take us with them on their day-outs via their posts, we hope you guys also enjoyed our adventure.

Sorry for we don't get to post as often as we' like to but we do visit your blogs as often as we could to stay in touch with all of you, wonderful furry friends!


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