Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday with the Wai-Pups

Wai-Max & Wai-Pai

Wai-Max & Wai-Pai

Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fudgie's 2nd Barkday Celebration

Yup, you guys read it right! We had a special barkday celebration for me last weekend. I turned 2 years old last 10 July. I actually share my barkday with my human aunt but she is based in the US. And also, Fiona and Maggie! Happy barkday to dear Fiona and Maggie! Do drop by to greet them in case you missed it.

Piappies Mom, Mama and our Hu-Uncle was so busy preparing for my special weekend! We were all so thrilled and excited! We were also busy for we got a surprise visit from our other Hu-Aunt (remember, the Hu-Mom of Bullet & Scrappy). She dropped by to spend my barkday with her newborn baby Rafa.

Aside from the hugs and kisses from my Hu-family. I got loads of treats! Of course, I shared them with my pack! I am a sweet pup after all...Ok, ok, Piappies Mom decided that I share. We had a fun game of catch and here are some photos... too bad you guys don't get to see the treats. We are all quite quick in catching the yummies. (Now, you know why I was looking up in my photo in the previous post!) Weeeeee


Wai-Pai: I'm gonna get that treat... I'm gonna get that treat... focus.. focus... Sugar: Watch me beat you to it!

Wai-Pai: Me Me Me, Mommy... I'm right in front of you...
Frappie: I'm the most focused here so good luck to you Wai-Pai!
: Toss it a bit higher and I got it covered...

Princess: It's me... Mommy, you will give me those treats as you look into my puppy eyes...

Piappies Mom then tricked me into agreeing to get a bath! She said it's part of pawpering the birthday pup! I agreed for it meant we ALL get a bath! heehee

I then got to go inside the house and sit on MY throne. It sure felt special... until the Wai-Pups invaded my throne! How could they be allowed on my throne?! Then, I realized... it's flashy box time!

Fudgie: Ok Wai-Pups, S-M-I-L-E! Wai-Pai: Strike a pose! I'm a model, Dad! Wai-Max: Hmm...wait...uhh... Move a bit Wai-Pai, I could not fit...

Now for the best part... I got my pressies and a special barkday cake! How cool is that?!

Looks really yummy. Mom, hurry up with the flashy box!

Let me get the first bite, please!
New Collar and Leash for me!

Barkday Cakes for Hu-Family

Cake time with the Piappies

Everyone got their turn with the barkday cake bowl...

Mocha eating away... yum!

Ok, Wai-Pai got her chance to get a little more cake from Frappie's share!
I really had a blast celebrating my 2nd barkday this year. It has become even more special since I'm shared it with all of you. Once again, thank you for all your sweet greetings. Really great to feel your love and friendship, dear furry friends!

We have all our paws crossed for all our furry friends and Hu-friends who are going through struggles. We send you our positive vibes and we have you in our thoughts.

Let's all have a good week ahead to one and all.

- Fudgie

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preview of Fudgie's 2nd Barkday!

Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday greetings! We really had a great time last weekend celebrating my barkday and your being part of it sure made it more special.
Stay tuned for my barkday post...

- Fudgie

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying Something New

Hello there furry friends! It's Piappies Mom here, got to borrow the blog from the pack. You see, just the other day I got to talk to a friend about how fun and fulfilling it is to have pets. It turned out that she wants to do something new and that is to have a furry friend to care for but she has not decided what breed of puppy she would choose. As you know, the Piappies are mixed breed and of course, they all have settled here at our world and are not in search of any other furever home but here.

I then remembered Koko! Yeah, Koko was a mixed Pekingese-Terrier, Pekingese is also known as the Lion Dog or Chinese Spaniel and he had a good temperament and was very friendly so I suggested that I could try to help her look for a Pekingese pup. I first looked for puppies for adoption but did not have any luck. I then searched for Pekingese pets for sale and found some choices in a buy and sell site here in the Philippines called There I found a really cute white male Pekingese that even looks a bit like Koko!

After telling my friend about the pup, I realized that hey, why don't I try something new myself. I've been planning to do it but never had the time to --- sell some stuff online! I've got some extra things that I found while cleaning last weekend so I thought I'd give it a try.
One cute item is a scrapbook for puppies. I bought it because it's really cute and it's really made for puppies! Silly me! Anyway, back to my experiment, I signed up and posted an ad all in just a matter of minutes. I didn't think it would be that easy. I officially got my first scrapbook for sale ad online...

I then added some squeaky toys that the Piappies already have and the amazing thing is, someone already inquired about the toys! Coolness! I do hope I make my 1st sale soon...

As you know, Fudgie will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on Saturday, 10 July and it would be great if I can do something special for the leader of our pack. Ok, it's not that I would be able to throw a grand party from the sale of the toys but it could be a start.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's Play the Name Game

We are joining Frankie's special July 4 celebration! Alright, let's do a roll call...

I, Princess, the "mom of the piappies", was given this name by Mama (Mommy's mom) when she brought me home from a newspaper vendor who gave me up for adoption 2 years ago. It's been years since my hu-family last had a pet pup and she wanted a really special name for me. They thought of other names like Hoshi (which means star in Japanese) but Mama was already decided with Princess. She also calls me Princess Love!*smiles*

This is Me, Princess

Fudgie, our 2 year old (alright, almost, as it's his barkday on 10 July still) mixed chowchow, japanese spitz was born with blackish-brownish fur. They thought of names such as Chocolate Marble --- too long and Brittle --- since his brother was named Peanut (Peanut Brittle?!) but it was agreed that he be called Fudgie... Bear! He may not have gotten a royalty-related name but he was the one that had a throne. Everytime he would get a bath, he was placed on a special chair where he sleeps as his fur was being dried. Perhaps that was the reason he has become our pack leader. He is such a sweet and cuddly pup, too!

Fudgie on his throne...

Now for my first litter...

Frappie is the eldest and he really reminded Mommy of Fudgie. Our hu-family was thinking of names that were associated with the colors of their furs! As you see, you could distinguish each of them based on their colors so we tried to find names that can somehow connect him with his littermates. He was a bit darker when he was born so names like Coffee and Caramel came to mind but we could not think of a nickname then we thought, Frappucino sounds like a good choice, hence the name Frappie!

Frappucino aka Fra-Frappie

The next pup was born with light brown fur. She was a very really the playful one! Being the only female, they wanted to give her a name that was connected to being a Princess but she really did not display any sense of royalty. But hey, it did not mean that she is less loved but they did have to consider her being too adventurous when they were thinking of a name! Mommy gave her the name Mocha! Mama and Hu-uncle call her Princess Mokmok. *giggles*

Mocha also called Princess Mokmok

Guess it kinda follows that our white colored baby pup gets the name Sugar. The name perfectly describes him for he is the gentle one. He enjoys staying beside me and always finds his way to our Hu-family slowly for head pats and "facial massages". He is really such a sweet baby! He is also called Su-Shoo! Another thing about the name Sugar, Mama used to called Mommy's sister Sugar when she was a kid.

Sugar is the sweetest and most gentle of the pack

Now on to the Wai-Pups! These pups were the unexpected pups. At first, they were to be moving to new furever homes. You see, Mama had some friends who wanted to adopt them but these adorable ones became so attached to us that we all decided to keep them. When Mama made this decision, Mommy asked Hu-uncle to check out the net for possible names. No name choices based on color this time since they were both born with almost identical black fur! So different from how they look like today, right? Hu-uncle then said: "why not name them WIMAX and Wi-Fi since 1. it's like a his and hers names and 2. since the Piappies are getting more and more connected with the digital space, why not give internet-related names. Ok, not sure if we're making sense, but anyway, Mommy approved of the names right away for WIMAX included "Max" in his name and she was thrilled with the name that also serves as a tribute to our dear MaxDog! Mama on the other hand, said that maybe we should just change Wi-Fi to Wai-PAI since ... ok we share a secret with you now... Mommy used to be called "Pie-Pie" when she was growing up! And that's the story behind Wai-Max and Wai-Pai.

Wai-MAX who we also call Maxi Bear

Wai-Pai also known as Wai-PaiPai or Maxi-Pai whenever Mama gets confused with the names!

Now comes that exciting part, we wish all our furry friends Happy 4th of July! We love you guys! We love all your name stories and now, we continue to read more of your stories.

Thanks so much again to Frankie for giving us the chance to get to know more about our furry friends.

Enjoy the week ahead, e-furryone! Weeeeee


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