Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Piappies Mom Tuesday's Shopping: Reebonz

We've been getting lots of shopping options from different online shopping sites here for the past few months. There are individual online stores, online stores within social networks like Multiply and Facebook, group buying sites and many more! Well, guess what?! I came across one that I really made my eyes light up! REEBONZ is now here in Manila.

Reebonz has a very unique offering... designer brands within your reach! Reebonz host online private sale events that run for 2-3 days. These events are offered exclusively for Reebonz members.

As I was "window" shopping --- going through pages of beautiful designer bags on sale, I found this necklace that I've looking for! One of the Japanese singer/ actors I like was wearing this in a magazine photo shoot.

To make it more compelling, there is an on-going promo --- BDO (cling!) and AMEX purchases get an additional 5% discount! It sure is amazing to get pleasant surprises like these when you go online, huh?

You too can check out what great deals are offered in your city. Membership to the site is by invitation only and you can get an invite right here! Do read through the FAQ section if you have any questions.

Now, there is no way I would forget the Piappies so I found something for them too:

It's sold out but hey, don't you think it's great that they also have offers for the Piappies?! Now, I must start saving more for the Piappies funds and be prepared for a shopping spree. Shopping spree?!!! Well, maybe it'll be one piappie at a time. Hmmm... who do you think should be first?

Do you all have favorite online shopping sites?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Piappies Easter Greetings


It's me Princess and I really hope you have not forgotten me or the piappies. Sorry if you have not heard from us for sometime.

In fact, we have not even told you about my 3rd Barkday celebration. Yup, I celebrated my 3rd Barkday last 17 April and Piappies Mom was not able to let you guys know about it. Worry not, though, pals, we are not as neglected as her updating our bloggie. She has been so busy with projects at w-o-r-k and she tells us to be patient as we get our treats allowance and piappies funds from it.

We definitely could not let this special day pass without posting our Easter greetings. Aside from MY barkday, we got lots of stories to share with you including Wai-Pai and Forgie's Magic Bag adventure that brought them to their 1st Doggie Run and our special post for a special surprise we got from the mail!

We will start our updates this week and we hope to get this done regularly once again. We do try to drop by all our bloggies to say hello and there sure is lots going on.

Oh, by the way, we celebrated Easter with Piappies Mom giving us a B-A-T-H. I've heard of Easter Egg hunt but I was wondering how come it was Easter Bath Time for us. Hmmm... did you get to celebrate Easter there?

Forgie's Post-Bathtime Easter Pose

HOPPY Easter, everyBUNNY!


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