Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween to everybody! We really miss you all and we've managed to get Piappies Mom to promise to make time for our blog this weekend. We got posts coming up as so much have happened since our last post so please watch out for them. For now, we got Wai-Pai to tell us about this day.

Wai-Pai: "Boo! Trick or Treat!" 

Of course I'm the one who gets to wear a costume and I've turned into a taco this year. I surely would have preferred to be a cheeseburger for this is the favorite of our dearest Angel Pip.

You know me and my magic escape trick... bow and stretch then slip out of the suit. I tried it and...

Well... it's didn't work but hey, I sure got lots of treats for these photos so I was good and cooperative. Now, that's what I call Trick AND Treats! 

We are so happy to see your greetings too. Enjoy the treats, furry pals!


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