Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fudgie's Favorite Toy

There is one toy that I have kept since I was a lil piappy - its Mr. Green. Yup, Mr. Green, the squeaky ball, is my most favorite toy in the world! I can get busy for hours and hours pushing Mr. Green, jumping over him or just simply having the him beside me. Whenever Mr. Green escapes from me, I would not stop from barking until I get him back. My family never had the problem of having their slippers and socks ripped apart because we have always been fortunate to get toys from our Mama. Sometime though, she gets so excited when shopping that she also brings home clothes and costumes and we have to play dress up too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Piappies Playtime Video Series 2

Bubu and I always enjoy playing together. One day, our mom brought us a new "friend" --- Scooby and of course we both wanted to play with it so we had to settle who gets to play first so we invented Tug o' Scoobs!

Piappies Playtime Video Series 1

My first toy I had was not a Barbie but a rag and I surely had lots of fun with it! Enjoy!

Bullet and Scrappy Baby Snap Shots

It's time to share Scrappy and Bullet photos. Weeeeee! Our family fondly calls us Scraps and Bubu. When we were lil piappies, we enjoyed doing everything together. We shared a bowl for treats and we can spend the entire day just running around and playfighting. Princess used to dread everytime we get a hold of her stuffed toys and play Tug o' War because we sometimes we end up ripping the toy apart. Our most favorite game is catching treats, of course!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fudgie's Set of Baby Photos

Hey! It's Fudgie's turn --- that's me. My family always brought home toys for us. One of my favorites is Mr. Cwab! I always look forward to the days when I play with Mr. Cwab I throw him up in the air and he sometimes lands on my head. Ouchie!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Piappies in Dreamland

My Early Days at Home --- Princess

It's me Princess! Let me just share with you some photos when I was just the only spoiled piappy here at home.... I looooooved sleeping and my family looooooved taking my photos!

The Day We Met Our New Family

Bullet and I were picked up from our old owners and brought to this place where we met two puppies. At first we were scared --- seeing so many new faces, having new pups to stay with, and feeling like we are so faraway from home. Our new family gave us treats and really made us feel comfortable that we instantly felt happy to be in our new home.


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