Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wai-Pai Wordless Wednesday

Wai-Pai's Pet Parenting Adventure Preview....


Monday, November 15, 2010

2nd Annual Worldwide Moment

Piappies Mom here. Wai-Pai will be giving an update about the Piappies weekend adventures tomorrow as we give way to a very important event happening all around the world. Yup, we are getting ready for the 2nd Annual Worldwide Moment. Special thanks to Jake and Fergi, we join paws in a moment of prayer for all furry & hooman friends who are going through rough times and furry and hooman friends who are watching over us from heaven.

We also have a special prayer for the world to be a happier place for everyone.

These few months have been a struggle for some of us and as we keep our paws crossed for each one of them we realize how much stronger we can keep our faith. Our Worldwide Moment include the following intentions:

More strength, fast recovery and many more days of Grace for our friends Goldenboy Luke, Wilf, Mika, Tinkerbell, Phantom, K, Blueberry and all other animals not feeling so well.

Keep shining over the rainbow bridge our dear Koko & Peanut as well as Sierra-dog, Maxdog from SA, Hana & Laura, Princess Dakota as well as the pup and dogs all our friends here in the bloggie land have lost.

We also keep our paws crossed for all animals who are not fortunate to have furever homes and are being hurt or abused in any way.

We also pray for the world to be a better place for EVERYBODY.

We are calling it an early night for the 2nd Annual Worldwide Moment is scheduled at 7am here in Manila, Philippines and that is just a couple of hours away.

Thank you again Jake and Fergi for telling us all about this. We truly believe in the power of paws and we join you together with the rest of the world.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wai-Pai's Adventure Ahead

Greetings to all our furry friends from all over the world! Wai-Pai here and it's my turn to post. Yipee! I'm really excited to share with you that tomorrow, I will be going with Piappies Mom to a Pawrenting Workshop. Hmmm... I can't really explain what it is all about for I don't quite understand it myself. Well, I am the youngest of the pack, remember?! One thing I can tell you is that it's going to be an adventure for just me, Piappies Mom and Piappies Mama! I'm excited already. Wai-Max probably would not be pleased that he would have to stay home as you know we always usually go together for day-outs. Well, according to Piappies Mom, she can only bring one of us this time and since I'm the lucky one.

Oh, maybe this flyer I found could give you an idea what we'll be doing tomorrow...

Alright, let me see, tomorrow is 13 November and it says here: we are going to Session 2 of Pet Parenting 101: How to raise a well-mannered and sociable dog. Hmmm... now it make me wonder - am I the lucky one to go because I'm the most sociable? Or is it because I'm the least well-mannered?! Waaaaah

Well, Mom explains that it this event is like a Pawrent-Pet training session to be conducted by behavioral trainer, Elsie, who we met in the Doggie Day Out event we went to. (Do click on the link to read about it.) And also the event serves as a donation for PAWS - Philippine Animal Welfare Society so we are just delighted to be part of it. She promises that it'll be fun. I'll keep you guys posted.

Oh yeah, it's our 8th month barkday tomorrow so I'll make sure I get some pressies for Wai-Max. The training will be at a really cool Bow and Wow Pet Store! Weeeeee I love shopping!

Wish me luck guys. I really hope I behave and get to meet new furry friends.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wai-Max' Fur Style

Hello there furry friends! Wai-Max here. Special greetings to Toby of SA who was looking for me in our previous post. Got something special to share with all of you. Last Friday was Piappies Mama's (our Grandmom) barkday! And you all know that barkdays = TREATS! Weeeeeee

We are really grateful that she took our Mom Princess in. If it was not for her we would not be around. She always looks after us when ever Piappies Mom is out working, makes us really yummy treats, buys us squeakies and stuffies, but most importantly she showers us with her love. We love you Piappies Mama!

Silly Mom was too busy enjoying the barkday treats --- Spanish dinner --- Jamon Serrano, Quezo de Bola, Paella Valenciana, Lengua Sevillana, Callos a la Madrilena (we were only able to get our paws on the Quezo!) --- that the flashy box was not able to chronicle how much we loved the cheese AND the yummy strawberry shortcake! Believe me, it was yummy!
We had a great celebration.

Now, you guys know that Piappies Mom love to give us a bath as part of celebrations so this was not any different! Waaaaaah We took turns and since she had to help prepare for the dinner, she did not have much time to dry my wonderful fur so I took matters into my hands and zoom zoomied away to dry my fur!

Viola! Got the "Roll Roll Fur Look"
And mind you, this time, she got the time for flashy box moments. Arrrrrgh!

Yup, my furs are sticking out in every direction! Hmmm... I feel like someWai is giggling behind me!

When she realized that I was not very happy with my fur style, she made it up by giving extra treats!

Extra treats always does the trick! So everything is happy here. Would you guys believe it if I tell you that I'm actually looking forward to the next bath time? Perhaps my furs would cooperate then. For now, I'm just thinking that its windy here. That is our little secret, alright?!

Important PS from Piappies Mom:
The Piappies are joining the 2nd Annual Worldwide Moment happening at exactly 11pm (23:00) GMT on Sunday, 14 Nov. It is actually 7am (07:00), 15 Nov here in the Philippines.
It is a very timely event for we have our paws crossed for some for our furry friends going through rough times and we want to offer our special intentions in the Worldwide Moment to each one of them.

We invite you to take part in this as well. Please check out Jake and Fergi of Two Special Wires for more information. We believe in the Power of Paws and we know that the more together we are the stronger we become.


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