Sunday, October 2, 2011


We join all our pals all over the bloggie world as we proclaim our fight against cancer.

Through the years, we have been touched by so many friends who have bravely fought cancer. Today, we give tribute to one special person who had been a big part of Piappies Mom's life. She is Piappies Mama's sister.

She was really a wonderful lady --- she helped Piappies Mama in taking good care of her family. They laughed a lot, shared fun and sad stories with each other. They supported each other in every way they can. She truly was a beautiful person inside and out. It really broke our hearts when we found out that she was diagnosed with this nasty disease. She fought well and fought hard. Piappies Mama stayed beside her all throughout her journey.

We are very sure that she continues to watch over us though we can no longer be with her physically.

As for us Piappies, we also have sweet and adorable furry friends who we have met here in the bloggie world that have been stricken by this nasty sickness. They too have touched our lives and we continue to say a prayer for them though some have already crossed over the bridge.

We have our paws crossed for them and we continue to pray that there will be a cure found so that we can live in a happier world.

Let us all LIVESTRONG!


  1. Sadly cancer seems to have affected everyone in some way. We are so sorry for your Mama's sister. Lovely tribute today.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. We all miss those who have gone and root for those who are fighting!


  3. Sweet Sweet Piappes
    I stand wif you wif paws held tight in ouw fight against this howwibull disease that huwts and takes away so many of those we love
    We will not give up
    smoochie kisses

  4. Yes - Live Strong!
    Wink :-) Gypsy x

  5. Thank you for this. My father died of cancer on July 3rd, 3 months from today.

  6. Your mama's sister sounds like a remarkable woman!
    Cancer takes way too many of God's precious creations, way too early.
    Stay strong, friends!


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