Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Worries Now

Hello to all our furry friends! Yup, it's me, Wai-Max and I get to do a back to back post to let you know that you have made my worries disappear! Thank you for your kind words, I'm no longer gloomy about my not being able to do the Froggie Pose.

You guys are right, I should be positive and just look at the bright side of things. Indeed, I can do lots of other poses.

Here are some that Piappies Mom was able to catch with the flashy box! Hope you like them:

I can pose LIKE a rock in the garden. Oh and I also dug a hole there to fit me perfectly!

I can pose as I lay down and eat treats from my food bowl!

Whenever I try to do Froggie Pose I always end up like this and manage to get belly rubs from Piappies Mom!

That's a clever move, don't you think?!

We learned from Piappies Mom that we got some furry friends who need the power of paws. Please join us as we keep our paws crossed for Mika - he is undergoing surgery for his leg and we pray for his quick recovery. We also pray for Tank - please be ok really soon! K also had surgery and is recovering now. Please pray that K can be back on his paws to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

We also lit a candle for all our furry friends like Brind, Saffron and Stormy who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Do shine brightly from the the heavens and watch over all of us.

And to end this post on a happy note, we thank the power of paws for our furry friends like Butchy and Galaxy who are feeling a lot better now and have overcome the struggles they went through. Happy barkday to Butchy, too!

Have a great weekend to all of you and we send our hugs and love to you and your hooman family!



  1. Hello Wai-Max:

    You are such a handsome gent, you don't have to worry about poses at all. Just walk among us and we will be dazzled at your looks and charm.


  2. I agree with Stella, you can get by with your handsome looks alone!

    I don't know most of your friends but how nice of you to mention them all. Blogville has been sad lately.

    Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, Wai-Max!

  3. What a very thoughtful post Wai-Max. Thanks for your prayers... for me and all the others. I'm doing much better:) In the last couple of days, I've started feeling more like my old self. I got the sutures out this morning and the VET says everything looks fine. I need to start walking now to help my leg muscles get stronger. I can't tell you how glad I was to hear that!!! I've missed my walks SO much.
    I hope Mika & K are doing well and so sorry about the doggys who have left for the bridge.
    I like your pictures today. Don't worry, I don't do the froggy thing either:)

  4. Wai Max, you are very handsome. We love that photo of you in the garden,very nice. You and your family are very kind to send those good thoughts to all those in need. We have our paws crossed for all to be well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. The pictures of you, Wai Max, are absolutely beautiful!! We love them!! How very nice and kind of you to send such wonderful thoughts to those who are having a bad time. We have all paws crossed! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  6. We SOOOOOO want to rub your tummy!!!

    What great pikhs -

    AND what pawesome words fur our pals here and there -

    We have a khandle lit now fur our furiends that khrossed on Saturday -


  7. wai-max,
    don't worry about the froggy doggie pose at all! i nevarrr could do it either, and besides, we are both totally handsome dudes, so we are gonna look cute no matter what pose we pick! teehee. ;)
    thankies for woofing about all of our friendz who need special attentions right now. you are very thoughtful 'n kind.

    the booker man

  8. Hi Wai Max,
    What a handsome guy you are!! No, don't worry about anything, Wai Max you have it all!! You have looks and a kind heart. What more could you ask for? Good to talk to you guys, it has been a long time!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  9. Hi Wai Max, as everyone have said, you're such a handsome dude, so don't worry about the froggy pose anymore.

    Thanks for your well-wishes to Mika and others who need some special attention too. Sorry to hear about those who have crossed the bridge and glad to hear some are doing well.

    It's really thoughtful of you, Wai Max. Thanks a lot.

  10. Hi, Wai Max!
    You can't do the froggie pose but sure you have many other that are pawesome!
    Paws crossed for our friends!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. You are one handsome Dude! And so thoughtful too....what a guy!

  12. I think your poses are great. Especially the last one. Belly rubs are the best.

    Very sorry to hear about your friends that are now at the bridge. :(

  13. Great poses there, Wai Max!
    Paws crossed for all our friends who need the power of the paws.


  14. You have grown up to be so beautiful! We think you pose very nicely, too! We also like that you are so thoughtful of your friends! The CCC


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