Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fashion Show Piappies

That's Fudgie's t-shirt with car design...
this one is has an airplane on it... weeeeee fly fly fly....zzzzz....
I was hoping Mama bought shades to complete my outfit...the one below is more my type, it came with a scarf! weeeeeee

Our Mama loves to dress us up. But it seems like Fudgie and I enjoy it more than Bullet and Scrappy. Those two always play rough that they end up ripping their shirts apart. They appreciate the toys more.


  1. We think you look way cute!!! We are happy to be your very first followers. Happy blogging.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. Natural born models. Too cute!

  3. OMD..there are so many cuties on this page I didn't know which way to look!!

    Welcome to the bloggie world and I can't wait to watch your growing up adventures!! Let me know if you need any advice on puppy mischief..I am very good at it!!


  4. Awww, you guys are cute....we've been away for a while but we're back's nice to meet you!
    See you again soon :D
    Slobbers xx

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. You all are so cute!! We will love seeing all the costumes.

    love & wags,


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