Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fudgie's Sunday Smiles

Hello there furry pals! It's me Fudgie, just want to know what are you guys doing this weekend. You probably know how our hoomans love to see us smile and Piappies Mom is just too excited to share with you my happy smiling photos this afternoon. Let me show you what brings me happiness and smiles...

I've spotted it, Mom!

Let me have it please... Mom? Look at me do the happy dance!

Mom... It's right beside you... Pleeeeeaseeee!

Yay! You're the best Mom! Hello there Mr. Yellow Ball, let's play!!!

You guys got to have this play time, it's really a lot of fun, believe me! How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?!

Have a great time!

Love, Fudgie


  1. Glad she finally gave you that fun fun ball. My Sunday afternoons are spent napping. MOM is gone all day and well there is no one to give me a fun yellow ball.

  2. Wow Mr.Yellow looks like loads of fun. We are sun bathing today as for the first time this year we have good weather. Hooray. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. When Dad finishes cutting the grass, we'll all go outside and play. If it gets warm enough Mom might put water in our pool and we can splash.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

  4. WE would like to join you in your happy dance fur Mr. Yellow Ball. Grrrreat post Fudgie. It made us Wag fur like 87 hours.

  5. You have a WONDERFUL smile!!!
    PS: Thank you for your very kind welcome to the blog world!

  6. Great smile!!! You know, Fudgie, balls make me smile too, but I don't have a yellow one yet. I need to talk with #1 about that...


  7. Oh yes, our ball makes up super happy too!!! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  8. We love play times....all afternoons not just Sundays. Glad you're enjoying your day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Great smiles, Fudgie, and great pics. Hope you have lots of fun with Mr. Yellow Ball:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. those are beautiful smiles, Fudgie!

    Your pictures always remind us about our Mika before he was affected by the yeast. He looked just like you, furry, a fluffy tail and a happy smile all the time.

  11. What a lovely dance you did. I love your yellow ball, I hope you had a blast with it.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. teeeheeeee....what adorable pups here! I love Angel Snickers; my favorite terrier of all time! I thank you ALL so kindly for coming to leave a birthday greeting! THANK YOU! Anita

  13. It's lovely when you have your own special ball to play with.
    Have fun Fudgie!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x


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