Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome to the Philippines Pip and Puddles

Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting to welcome visitors here in the Philippines and we are happy that our very special guests this month of Hearts are Pip and Puddles.

As many of you know, Pip and Puddles are touring the world to visit friends and see the many wonderful countries around the globe. We are so excited that they are able to come visit the Piappies in their very busy itinerary.

The Philippines have many beautiful travel destinations and we are just too happy to take them around. Being a tropical country with many islands, we are known for a number of beach destinations to enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand. Some of these places are located in Iba in Zambales, Mactan in Cebu, Coron in Palawan, Tagbilaran in Bohol and you probably have heard of Boracay in Aklan! These places are known for diving, wake boarding, surfing, snorkeling, sailing and many more. The Piappies decided to take them to a beach that is just about 2 1/2 hours drive from Manila, the place is called Laiya.

Laiya, Batangas

It's a good thing we got the chance to take Pip and Puddles to the beach! We are city Piappies so we don't really get to travel outside Manila.  Our options for recreational activities usually involve just going to place and shopping malls, who are happy to welcome furry pups and kits. 

You see, we celebrate a lot of festivals all throughout the year and our hoomans usually take the time to go around the country.  We were not able to tour them to these festivities so we just colored our posts in different hues to give you a feel.

Wai-Pai and Forgie thought of a great idea of bringing Pip and Puddles to see special spots that WE discovered during our growing up years. These are special structures that involve dogs. PAWS which stand for Philippine Animal Welfare Society partnered with some special hoomans that made these structures and had them installed in pet-friendly complex within Manila. 

Best Friend

The Companion

The Guardian
We even got a special permit to have a picnic here!

It gives us a good feeling that with these statues, more and more people are aware and are reminded of the importance of proper and responsible pet care and that we should treat animals with care. It may be a small step in stopping animal cruelty but we believe this still helps.

We really want to have Pip and Puddles stay with us longer for we still got lots to show them and all of you, too but there is the circus too and we know that you are all looking forward to them joining in the fun!

Lastly, as part of the current campaign of the government to encourage visitors to come to the Philippines, we made this for all of you. We invite you to come visit us too.

Happy Weekend efurrybody!


Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai and Forgie



    It was nice that you got a Special PAWmit so you could all PICNIC in THAT super place!!

    LOVED seeing the fun you all had at the BEACH.
    You Piappies really did Show PIP and Puddles a super fine time!!!

  2. We are SO EXCITED to be visiting you today! Thank you for sharing your country with us today!! I am a city dog, too, but I always love the beach and the water!!

    How wonderful that the government is involved in promoting animal welfare!!

  3. The statues are lovely. What a wonderful tribute to dogs and their humans. Thank you for getting the special picnic permit we promise to be very neat and not leave behind any litter.

    I love the different colors in your post! What a creative way to represent the culture and festivals!

  4. What an awesome visit you had!!! Great time had by everydoggie! I am sure they were glad they made the trip!!

  5. Mabuhay to ya'll to...da Philippines is such a purty place...withs a great lookin' beach....and I spy a green drinkie.


  6. Nows them statues are so incredible and sweet, why can't da US do sumptin dat likes dat to represent da importance of dogs in da hoomans lives? Must contact my congreesman...once I find out eho it is...hehehehe...I has no idea.


  7. What a beautiful part of the world you are in!! We know Pip and Puddles enjoyed all of the sun and fun and your gracious hospitality!! Bravo for another successful
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Nothing like a day at the beach followed by a picnic with beer and cheetos! Pip and Puddles really are touring the world!

    Great pictures!


  9. We'd love to come visit you. Maybe you can become the official Tourist mascots. We're sure lots of tourists would be interested when they see you.

    Now, for the dirt. You actually want us to believe that P & P behaved themselves the ENTIRE time??!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. What a most wunderful place! We is sure dat Pip and Puddles had a great time!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  11. Shopping Malls welcome doggies. They had better watch out for that credit card Pip and Puddles are carrying!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. We would love to come visit. The beach looked very warm and inviting. We are freezing here today.

  13. What a wonderful visit! I particularly love the area with all the sculptures. Beautiful.

  14. Wow... Mr. Pip and Puddles are having the times of their lives. You gave them such a great visit!!!!!!!

  15. It looks like you had a great time!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Oh Yeah, It's more in paw prints in the Philippines! One of my favorite spot in Philippines is Boracay, I want to go there with my family! Thanks for touring us on this place we really enjoyed it!

    Dog Ramps

  17. We really enjoyed your travel guide post - makes us want to visit!

    - Clive & Murray

  18. So glad you got to host Pip and Puddles. That surfing sure looks fun!


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