Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mango Minster Piappies Entry 2012: Forgie

After days of consultation and discussions among us here, we finally agreed that this year, the Piappies entry for the 2012 Mango Minster will be represented by the youngest Piappies in our pack --- FORGIE!

Taadah... Hey there furry pals, it's me Forgie! I'm excited to tell you all about "our" entry because it will mean that I get to tell you about ME! For the category I'm joining in, I gathered all my photos and it seemed clear that I'm the Adventure Dog!

We were a litter of 4 lil female piappies and while we were waiting to grow up a bit before going to our furever homes, we were fondly called the 4G's (4 girls). That early on I was already curious about what fun things I can do with my sisters, what adventures would be waiting for us each day and new things can we explore. And to Piappies Mom's happiness, I enjoyed the flashy box!

I got the chance to have my first adventure during my 1st Christmas . We were all nicely dressed in red we were asked to pose for the flashy box:

Forgie: "Nevermind them Mom, here's my best smile! Will we always dress this way during Christmas? *smile*"

Then came our next adventure --- Dance class! Being such a fast learner, not only did I learn know to dance, I actually enjoyed it!

Forgie: "Mooooom! Showtime!!! Is this hawaiian dance, ballet or samba?!"

Just as they were confirming which furever home I was going to, I've already made up my mind that I will be staying with the Piappies. As soon as they dressed me up again, I hurriedly jumped into the tub and showed them how much fun we can have together.

Forgie: "I love bathtimes, dress up, flashy box sessions and more! Oh Mom! Check me out in my own performance of Holiday in Tub! Weeeeeee!"

Now, this photo sealed the deal, so 4G has become my name and I've been called Forgie!

I sooooo happy to be here, one look around and I knew I belong...

Forgie: "Uhmm... Frappie, we kinda look alike, huh? What do you think?"

And my adventure moments continue...Here's my photo with one of our favorite statues - "Best Friends" Ok, so I got one part of the flashy box rules - stay still as the flashy box creates magic. I didn't think though that my head should be in front and not the back of the statue.

Forgie: "Mom? Mom?!"

I also love shopping! Who doesn't anyway? I got the chance to explore several malls as I was growing up. Remember our magic adventure bag? Now, that brought us to many fun places...

Forgie: "I wonder if they got stilettos for my paw size!?!"

Forgie: "Now is there a dress I can get here for me and Mr. Pink Teddy please."

I also had a lot of fun when I was brought to another Piappies favorite statue - the Silent Companion!

Forgie: "Here's a good full body shot for you. CHEESE!"

And now for my best adventure so far. You see, we got kitties who once in a while visit us. Most of the time, Mocha and Wai-Max would try to chase them to play. They wait until the kitties go down and that was when I thought, Hey! Why not chase them up the wall and that I did!
Forgie: "Ok, Mom, you got your flashy box moments, can you please put down the flashy box now and get me down from here? Oh and yes, please stop laughing!"

I look forward to many more adventures and I promise to share them with all of you here in bloggie land.

Good luck to all the entries and thank you so much to Mango for this very exciting contest.



  1. Oh good luck! You are a great adventure dog! I love your trips to go shoe shopping!

  2. How wonderful that you get to go to so many places!! Hopefully you'll get to go to lots of nice restaurants!

  3. OH FORGIE... You are are gonna be a super contestant fur the Adventure Dawgs Category. You REALLY know how to do it ... fur SURE. Best of Luck!!!!!

  4. good luck on your entry for Adventure Dawgs!! You are a cutie!

  5. Samba! Definitely ... umm... not that I can be swayed by anything... but I DO love samba music. But I'm an impartial judge.
    Good luck!

  6. You are a great adventurer, Forgie - good luck in MM '12.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Good luck Forgie!!!

    You're so cute!

  8. Good luck you sweet little adorable woofie.. Loved all the pictures and no wonder they wanted you to stay.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Forgie! Good luck for MM 2012! :)


  10. Wow, Forgie, you are an energetic bundle of adventure doggie. How neat you get to go shopping with your hu-mom. We like your public statues a lot better than some of the ones we have here. Good luck in the competition.

    Jed & Abby

  11. OMG, the cute is killing me! Forgie, you are adorable! Good luck!

  12. Forgie you are just the cutest pup and have a very adventurous nature.

  13. Good luck, Forgie! My paws are crossed for you! Those are pawsome photos! You are very adorable! Love the tub photo! BOL! And you are a very good dancer, too!


  14. Woof that is one pawsome entry!

    And thank you for thinking of us and being supportive. We love you guys!

  15. Good luck on your entry for adventure dog!

  16. Forgie you are one cute pupster! Thanks for telling us where your name came from. We laughed especially hard when we saw that picture of your body-only with the Best Friends statue. Mommy laughed too!! Good luck in MM2012!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  17. For a little guy, you sure have had a lot of adventures. Good luck to you.


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