Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wai-Max' Fur Style

Hello there furry friends! Wai-Max here. Special greetings to Toby of SA who was looking for me in our previous post. Got something special to share with all of you. Last Friday was Piappies Mama's (our Grandmom) barkday! And you all know that barkdays = TREATS! Weeeeeee

We are really grateful that she took our Mom Princess in. If it was not for her we would not be around. She always looks after us when ever Piappies Mom is out working, makes us really yummy treats, buys us squeakies and stuffies, but most importantly she showers us with her love. We love you Piappies Mama!

Silly Mom was too busy enjoying the barkday treats --- Spanish dinner --- Jamon Serrano, Quezo de Bola, Paella Valenciana, Lengua Sevillana, Callos a la Madrilena (we were only able to get our paws on the Quezo!) --- that the flashy box was not able to chronicle how much we loved the cheese AND the yummy strawberry shortcake! Believe me, it was yummy!
We had a great celebration.

Now, you guys know that Piappies Mom love to give us a bath as part of celebrations so this was not any different! Waaaaaah We took turns and since she had to help prepare for the dinner, she did not have much time to dry my wonderful fur so I took matters into my hands and zoom zoomied away to dry my fur!

Viola! Got the "Roll Roll Fur Look"
And mind you, this time, she got the time for flashy box moments. Arrrrrgh!

Yup, my furs are sticking out in every direction! Hmmm... I feel like someWai is giggling behind me!

When she realized that I was not very happy with my fur style, she made it up by giving extra treats!

Extra treats always does the trick! So everything is happy here. Would you guys believe it if I tell you that I'm actually looking forward to the next bath time? Perhaps my furs would cooperate then. For now, I'm just thinking that its windy here. That is our little secret, alright?!

Important PS from Piappies Mom:
The Piappies are joining the 2nd Annual Worldwide Moment happening at exactly 11pm (23:00) GMT on Sunday, 14 Nov. It is actually 7am (07:00), 15 Nov here in the Philippines.
It is a very timely event for we have our paws crossed for some for our furry friends going through rough times and we want to offer our special intentions in the Worldwide Moment to each one of them.

We invite you to take part in this as well. Please check out Jake and Fergi of Two Special Wires for more information. We believe in the Power of Paws and we know that the more together we are the stronger we become.


  1. I think your hairdo looks cute. :)


  2. HAPPY BIRFDAYS TO YOUR MOM AND GRANDMOM. Since I was late knowing.. you can all give them some EXTRA lovin and stuffs. hehehe

    I can NOT believe that your mom took your picture where your furs were not perfect. BOL

  3. Happy belated Barkday to your Grandmom. The treats sound delicious. And we just love the mohawk.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. Happy Birthday to your special GrandMom. We don't like baths very much, but we sort of like that new look you are sporting:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Woof! Woof! Extra treat is always pawsome after bath. We are also joining the worldwide moment. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. I think the furdo is very cute going every direction. hehe

  7. Happy Birthday to your Grandmom!!! We like your's cool looking!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandmom!

    What a great way to celebrate!

    Thanks fur sharing the pikhs with us!


  9. Happy Birthday to your GrandBarkMom! And, I think that the fur-do looks stupendous!

  10. Oh Happy Birfday to Grandma! Did hers get any treats?
    I kinda like da new hair brudder's does dat sometimes too.


  11. I also have funky fur that my mom can get to stand up just by brushing it...I just heard her say that she may have to get pictures of it! Ughhh!!!!


  12. Happy Birthday to your GrandMom.

    Your hair looks just like mine when I wake up in the morning! bol

  13. we do like your new furrdo......kinda cute!

    happy belated barkday to your grandmom and we know you had lots of treats.

    we do not like baths very much too.....i tolerates it and coco hides and food being the master CAN't get her out!


  14. Everyone is entitled to have a bad hair day, right?
    I am ready for the WWM too!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. hey Wai-Max,

    Piappie's Mom sounds pawsome! I am glad she had a furry fun birthday. My human and I are drooling over the Spanish dinner and strawberry shortcake. Yummers!

    You look very beautiful, Wai-Max, after your bath! I love how your fur flips all around. Very cool fur-style! You are a trend setter! And you are very smart - extra treats DO always do the trick!


  16. Happy Birthday to your grandmama!!!

    Your new hairdo is stylish and cool!

  17. wai-max,
    happy happy happy belated birthday to your grammy!!! :)
    oh, and i totally dig your furs like that! you look like you have a mohawk! stylin' and profilin' for sures!!

    the booker man

    pee s -- thankies so super duper much for the happy birthday wishes! :)

  18. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a fun and yummy time!
    Dexie and the Peeps

  19. I have never seen a fur do like that. I kind of like it.



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