Saturday, April 10, 2010

Piappies GABE giveaway!

Our friend Twinkie started a really cool and fun event called G.A.B.E.! It’s the Global Animal Blogging Event 2010. Hop on to Twinkie’s blog to know more about the rules and details on GABE. Everyone who wants to be take part can join up to 10 April. After which, all active and passive participants can visit each other’s blogs for a chance to meet new friends and win pawesome and cool give aways.

We all thought and came up with this giveaway... *drumroll*

We at Piappies World are giving away two (2) Pet Tags from I Tag U. You may also choose to have more information on your tag id you prefer.

If you want to win our prize, just leave a comment on this post and we will pick 2 lucky winners on 18 April.

Princess with Wai-Pai and Wai-Max

For those who are visiting us for the first time, welcome to Piappies World. We are a fairly young pack. Fudgie and Princess are almost 2 years old. The first batch of Princess pups are Frappie, Mocha and Sugar - celebrating their 1st birthday on 2 May. And just last 13 March, Princess & Fudgie have been blessing once again with 2 piappies - Wai-Pai and Wai-Max. We enjoy running around, playing and most especially sharing love and laughter with our hooman family --- Mommy, Mama, Uncle and Sister. We enjoy reading fun adventures of our blog friends and we also welcome meeting new furry friends.

What are you waiting for, c’mon and join us. Weeeeeee

- Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

ps: "the Piappies" are for Scrappy and Bullet who are like our "pup cousins" who used to stay with us but have now moved in with their hooman Mom & Dad


  1. Nice ID tags giveaway...we would like to win.

    Wai-Pai and Wai-Max are growing fast, aren't they? They don't seem to have their mum's colour. Maybe they are their dad's colour. Puppies are so cute.

  2. Oh YES!! I would LOVE to win one of those grrreat tags. Please count me in.
    Those puppies are growing like little weeds. They will soon be as big as their mom.

  3. What a great giveaway!
    They are so cute :)


  4. Wow ! What a great giveaway you guys ;)

  5. I love the idea of G.A.B.E, its a great way to make new furriends. Your ID tags are real nice too :)
    Who are the Wai-puppies' father? They're HUGE!!

  6. Hello there everybody!
    Now I was going to ask, "WHY MAX?" but then I thought,"WEI-NOT?" That is sooo cute!...we are thrilled to watch a little Wei-Max! Puppies are still so cute!

  7. Hi Piappies! Sawry we haven't visited in so long - bad assistant and pooter! Isn't Twinkie amazing to come up with such a pawsome idea for such a great cause! And love your giveaways! Woo hoo! And c'mon over to my GABE post too!
    Hugs xo

  8. Hey! Welcome, so good to see you join :) I sent you an email but you haven't received it yet (I saw it in my comments) Your link is up. As for your giveaway, mom says it's really classy. It was also nice to read more about you in this post, especially for your new furiends.

  9. Your givaway is lovely.. I jst love those puppy pictures.. Gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. GABE is such a pawesome event!

    Twinkie is such a great hostess!

    Thanks fur sharing the pikhs today! SO khute!


  11. Pawesome giveaway!
    I hope you all are having a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. It is a pleasure to meet your beautiful furry family!

    Thank you soooo much for visiting our blog! We are going to add you to our list so we can follow your adventures!

    LOVE your prize for GABE!

    Your header pix are soooo very precious!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  13. That's a great choice for your giveaways for GABE. And we just loved seeing the little ones again - they are growing so much.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Heyyyy from VA. Love your blog!

  15. Y'all are very cute, and some one is a being a good mommy.
    Sally Ann

  16. Hi there! I'm Mayzie and this is my first time by your bloggie and I likes it very much! Gosh, that is a Most Wonderful GABE giveaway! I'm pawticipating in GABE, too. Come by and see!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. GABE sounds like a lot of fun. And that is so nice of you to give one of your readers a prize. Good luck to everyone. :)

  18. Princess! I can't believe you had babies! Who is the daddy!??! Your little ones are just darling. We hope everyone is healthy and happy!
    Tail wags,
    PS: Mom used a combination of a bunch of different effects in PhotoShop Elements on the picture of me and Huffle. Thank you so much for your kind words on it!

  19. hey ya'll!
    it's the booker man, and i'm super excited to meet you all cuz of this awesome GABE thingie! i'd love to be friendz. :)
    holy cow, ya'll are a big pack! i bet you just have the bestest time wrestlin' and playin' bitey face 'n stuff!
    those i.d. tags are pretty cool! me and my big sis asa would love to have matchin' tags.
    the booker man

  20. Hi Piappies! Thanks so much for coming to visit me and for your lovely comment! I always love to make new friends, the way, can I ask - where do you live? I tried to read back through a few posts but I couldn't find out - I always like to know where in the world my blog friends are from! :-)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

    Honey the Great Dane

  21. Hi Guys, You've been coming to visit us and our Mom has been so far behind in getting round to visit our new friends, but she's trying to catch up. The little guys are so cute.

  22. Hi there friends!! I am trying to get caught up and entered in all the GABE giveaways!!!

    licks from me!!


  23. I'm really happy to meet you and to be your friend; the best thing about GABE is all the new friends I'm making.
    The tags are a great give away too !
    Love from Bella.

  24. What a great pack of pups! I love the coffee names - too cute! Your giveaway is wonderful - thank you for participating!

  25. ohPrincess, you are so sweet with those babies.

    Just called in to say thank you for my birthday wishes which you left me!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

  26. What a great give away
    thanks for the information
    and nice to meet you :))
    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  27. Very pleased to meet you. The piappies are adorable!


  28. Those id tags are very cool - what a great giveaway!

    GABE is so cool - we are meeting some great new furiends!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  29. Hi, you have a nice give-a-way! Come on over, I'm having a GABE give-a-way also!
    Have fun!

  30. Hi Gang
    What a great giveawy. Is that a rose, we see on Sophies tag. So pretty.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - Drop by our blog to enter our GABE giveaway.

  31. What a very pawesome giveaway!! We are soooo very happy to get a chance to win!


  32. furry nice to meet ya'll
    the houston pittie pack here and we wanted to come ofur and say howdy and how do you do??
    you guys are quite the cute puppers
    maybe we can be furryends
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  33. Hi, everyone! We came over to sniff out your GABE post and see what's been up with all of you! Your GABE give-aways are really nice, and Sadie could use one of those if we win!

    Nice to see your visit again at Corgi Country. We hope that you are able to get into the next Mercy Mystery, and are sorry that we've been sort of "irregular" in posting it! The County Corgi Crew

  34. Hi! It's nice to meet you.
    Thank you for dropping by our blog.
    Your giveaway are so lovely!! Wish I can win!!

  35. Oooo! I love those tags! I'd love to win that!

    We're glad you found us through GABE!


  36. GABE sure does be great! You got new Piapies? I missed that! Congrats!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  37. A prize that helps me find my way home if I get lost! How wonderful. GABE is great for meeting new furends!

    We are pawticipating too so come on by!


    Mr. Nubbin!

  38. You have a Beautiful Puppy Dog Blog!

    Thanks for following my blog:
    I am donating toys for shelter dogs!
    GABE is GREAT!!!

    OREO says:

    Woof the Words to all pet parents and their friends …

    **** “Adopt, don’t Shop!!!” ****

    Rescue a canine companion, and help stop puppy mills in the USA!!!

  39. What a cool give-a-way. It's nice to meet you.

    woof - Tucker

  40. Hi!! GABE is so much fun! It is nice to meet you guys! Those puppies are sooo sooo adorable!

  41. Hi there everyone! Better late than never, huh? We were starting to get out GABE wrapped up and ran across your name! How did we miss you earlier? Glad you stopped by, and nice to meet you! Congrats on the pups :)

    Brutus the Frenchie

  42. Hello from Tiny Growl. Riley and I would love a chance to win one of your fabulous tags!

  43. Oh my, just in the nick of time! Count us in on the drawing and thanks for popping in on Creekhiker!

  44. I know I'm waaaay too late for the GABE drawing, but I just LOVE the dog tags. Would you mind sharing the link or website where you found them??

    ((((hugs)))) Minna Krebs

    if you want to email me....its
    minnakrebs AT gmail DOT com


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