Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Hello Everyone! Fudgie here --- as we get closer and closer to Christmas, Mommy and our human family are getting more and more busy with the holiday rush. One thing I'm busy with is trying to explain to Frappie, Mocha and Sugar what Christmas is all about. It is their first Christmas, you see. Well since I'm no expert about Christmas traditions since it is just MY second, I thought I'd ask Mommy to help me explain.

Alright, looks like I've been tricked by Mommy. I found myself in a tub and getting sprinkled with lots and lots of droplets of water! Mommy said that I should just imagine that those are snowflakes. Silly Mommy, she just wants to give me a bath! It does feel cold and refreshing, though. Snow does give you that feeling, right?

Hmmm...Mommy, why is the "snow" coming from the garden hose and not the sky?!
From what I remember from last year's Christmas celebrations, our human family were all busy running around doing shopping, cooking, wrapping of presents, and many more.

Mommy attempted to enlist me and Bullet as part of Santa Paws' helpers. Bullet's Momster got us to wear reindeer ears and a button nose that lights up. She just could not find a photo worth posting since we really did our best not to cooperate. Our Mama also dressed up the house with lots and lots of lights, red and green decors, Mr. Snowman, lots of angels and she also had a strange tree that was placed inside the house. The tree also has lots of lights, ribbon and other pretty ornaments. We also played
fun Xmas songs.

The one I remember the most is getting really cool things like stuffies, treats, squeaky toys and frisbees. We got called one by one by each of our human family and received wonderful gifts and lots and lots of hugs!

So, Frappie, Mocha & Sugar, Christmas is a time where we spend with family, exchanging greetings and sharing lots of treats and pressies. Now that we have opened our world to our wonderful bloggie furiends, we got more reasons to have happy memories for us to create this Christmas time. We share the love to each and every one of you.

Now, how do YOU celebrate Christmas? Do share with us what you are looking forward to this Christmas season.

- Fudgie


  1. Hi Fudgie, I'm sorry, I just had to laugh at you in that bath tub. You looked like you couldn't decide if you liked it or not.
    It sounds like your whole family gets into the Christmas spirit... big time. That is what it is all about. Fun and LOVE.
    We celebrate with food and fun and furends and ... pressies. Butt Mostly... with LOVE.
    With as meany of you as there are... that won't be difficult at all. ENJOY.

  2. Merry Christmas Piappies world,
    Yes we celebrate mostly with lots of Love. We are a very loving family here. We don't give or get a lot of presents, but we do have a lot of good food and pies and lots of xmas lights and tree all pretty.
    We hope you all have a very good Christmas,
    Bambi, Happy and their Mom and Dad

  3. Hi, Fudgie!
    Well, that was not snow but sure I hope you enjoyed the bath!
    My family is small. It is 6 humans and 3 doggies!
    I love to see all the ornaments in my house!
    What we enjoy the most is the preparation for Christmas Eve! The ladies of the house spend all day long in the kitchen cooking all the yummy things we enjoy that night! After dinner we open presents, chatting time and then we all go to sleep!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. hello fudgie its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm maybe yoo shud hav told yore mama to just imadjin yoo wer in the bathtub!!! ha ha ok bye

  5. Oh how we hate baths!!! But that is one thing that does happen here before Christmas. Mom says we will be going to the groomer on Monday of Christmas week - they do a much better job of blowing out all our loose fur than Mom can do with the brush. We are hoping for snow for Christmas. The house here is all decorated and our human brother and family are coming from California so we will have a full house with all the grandkids and big kids and lots of good food and presents. Hope you and the little ones have a great holiday time too.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  6. Hey Fudgie,
    I love that part where each one of you are called by your hoomans to receive your pressies.
    Last Christmas, we went gift giving instead of receiving gifts. We fed some hungry animals. But this year, Im sure our Mom will be more generous and give us doggies a christmas party at the very least!

    love, Scarlet and Trudis

  7. I love the pikhs of woo pretending it was SNOW!


  8. Bath look like you're enjoying it. I am dreaming of snow too and maybe during my next bath, I will pretend that the water is snow. Thanks for the tip.:)

    Teddy Bear

  9. I got a bath yesterday too, Fudgie! What is it with this time of the year when all the hoomans want to do is to dump is in a tubfull of water?!

    Yer friend,

  10. That picture of you in the tub with the water in your face is priceless!!

    My mommy is just not getting into the Xmas spirit. It took her a while lol. Our tree is tiny and sitting up on the piano though so I can't investigate it. Oh well. :)


  11. Nice tub!! Mom makes me go in the human bathtub, cause I can't escape. Huff.

    I love Christmas cause I get to see Granny and Pawpaw and my puppy dog cousins. And mom is off work for longer than two days! And I get little snippets of food. And toys. I love it!

  12. Oh Fudgie, what are they doing to you! You dont need a bath at the is time of year - don't those humans at your house know how cold it is!
    Thank you for telling us all about your xmas. Ours is much the same with much wrapping of parcels, tying them with pretty ribbons and then.....told to 'not touch'!
    Martha and me have only had one xmas in our forever home and couldn't make much sense of it but we liked the presents.
    Last year we got bones filled with yummy stuff and toys!
    We have extra visitors at xmas - we were not too keen on that last year but this year might be better cos we have been here for a whole year.
    Have a great time
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  13. Hi Fudgie,
    Heehee... we were laughing at your question 'why does the snow come from the garden hose...'!! LOL...
    We hate baths too... the mom and her conspirator (the dad) will chuck us into the bathtub unceremoniously.. sigh...

  14. Boy!

    That bath looks cold! Now you need an electric blankie!

    Riley and Star.

  15. Excellent bath time photos! Fudgie, you look like you had fun basking in the spray! Didn't look like you minded standing in the tub, either! Good for you! Most of our guys and gals don't want anything to do with water...except for Melvin, but that's 'cause he's a lab. But our mals don't care much for the bath.

  16. Fudgie! You looked like you were laughing in that tub of water! What funny snow!

    We hope you ALL enjoy every bit of your Christmas celebrations - full of Love and Joy! From what we remember, our celebration is similar to yours! One of the things Moma likes best is to make gifts for family and friends. She could live in "pioneer" times pretty easily, we think!

    Love and wirey hugs during the wonderful season,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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